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I've been away from this technology too long.  Since last writing I moved from Falls Ave to N Miami St in Wabash.  It's taking a minute or so to reorient myself.  Meanwhile, here is a summary:

I just want to catch you up on my activities of the last few months as the pandemic continues erratically.

I was looking at my great-grandmother Walker's house last November which was up for sale.  Although I put a low-ball offer in on it, I didn't expect it to be accepted.  Besides it was too big (4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths). However, one day as I was looking for its status online, I stumbled over a really cute little cottage across the street from Wabash High School.  (Debbie, it is the HS where your father graduated and where my mother taught art and English.)  Since I really liked the place, I put in an offer, over which the owners and I dickered and finally arrived at an agreement.  We closed on July 14th and I took possession the same day.   My church friends got together and we got things moved within 4.5 days.

The place was built in 1952 and is just right for me - adding a spare bedroom, family room, and full bath, plus deck.  It also has a gas fireplace, dishwasher, and deck, which I consider essential.  These pictures are about 5 years old, so add a little age to it, less furniture, and reduce the pink.  The living room will be shades of sea mist and white to match the carpet.  My Chinese artifacts will be there.  Following are photos.

Guest Bedroom Laundry Room

Master Bedroom

Family Room

KitchenAerial View 

So far I am very content trying to balance among unpacking, writing and resting.  I'll write more later, probably  under a different topic.

Successful Relationships

Are all successful relationships based on compatible expectations?  I think they are.  I've heard the figures 75% - 25% thrown around in that successful relationships demonstrate 75% compatible expectations and 25% forgiveness.   Apparently, we as a species are still learning acceptance, validation, and appreciation.  More on this later.

Ok, it has taken me 10 days to work up the courage to tackle this blog.

Ok, it has taken me 10 days to work up the courage to tackle this blog.  It just seemed too hard and I didn't want to ask the IT guys for help.  As it turns out there is a perfectly good help module in the site123 app, if I'm willing to click on it.  It has me covered so far and I look forward to digging deeper into the capabilities of the app as well as overcoming the fear of vulnerability. 

I just noted that my home page could hardly be both more reflective of my thought processes and my current tendency of making everything harder than it needs to be.

I don't think so.  I want a simple blog spot and, honestly, this seems to be it.  However, getting there has been a challenge to my poor brain.  Have I set myself up by thinking in a dumb-down direction instead of a dumb-up?

Now what is the purpose of this blog spot?  Initially, I wanted something online to collect random thoughts and ideas in.  Then I realized my father needs a spot for me the populate with things about him that I don't want to forget to put in his biography.  -- Two separate blog spots.  I'll let you know how it goes when I get there.

BTW how do I start a new post?  I can't do it from the comment page.  Do I always need to begin at the dashboard?  I think I do.  Everyone else I give access to the posts only?


1st SITE123 blog

When I say random I mean random - this is not stream of thought; this is watch it fly by and grab it if I can.  The goal is to share about my experience of self-isolation, about transformed relationships, about being high risk because I'm old and diagnosed as ill.  It is also a dry run for typing from my favorite chairs as well as the use of speech recognition.

Time's  up.

  •  5/21/2020 03:06 AM

My father spent 15 years in China before and during WWII. He left extensive records which I am now using to write his biography.

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